JBS/Jellybean Services
JBS/Jellybean Services was started as a small web design company in 1996 in West Michigan. As time progressed, we began offering other services to local businesses.

In 2005 we began to expand our services to include other business services to all. Today, we have clients that require services across the United States and Canada.
Now Serving Mid-Central Ohio
Jellybean Services has opened a new office in Mid-Central Ohio! We are now serving local businesses in the Mid-Central Ohio area. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.
JBS/Jellybean Services offers business & individual services to the world around us. We provide many services for our clients at an affordable price while maintaining a personalized touch that you can only get from a small company.

Some of our services include leads, direct mailers, courthouse research, online ad placement, airport transportation, recruiting, and more. See our service offerings for more details.
Now serving Mid-Central Ohio local businesses
Lead generation Services
JBS is one of the only lead generation companies that provide data from a unique perspective. We provide courthouse data that has been checked to ensure maximum accuracy and freshness. This data can be used to market your services. We don't keep electronic lists sitting around. All information is 100% guaranteed* to be what is filed at the courthouse!

*Guarantee limited to actual court record data. JBS cannot be held liable for bad information filed at the courthouse.
Looking for new employment opportunities?
JBS has positions available nation-wide for part time independent contractors. We offer flexible scheduling, advancement opportunities, and more!

Check out our employment website at www.work4jbs.com